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Welcome to Rosie's

Rosie's, named after the infamous Madam of River Street, Rosie Dale, is Moose Jaw's Favourite place for food & drink. Serving up local brews & spirits and a wide variety of "made the way it should be" eats.

The History of Rosie

During the 1920's, our namesake, Rosie ran afoul of Police Chief Walter Johnson, an interesting chap who for more than 20 years ruled the streets of the city with a baton in one hand and dirty money in the other. Unable to pay her protection fees, she was banished from the city by Johnson. But the feisty madam didn't give up. Rosie set up shop several blocks southeast of town, outside of Johnson's jurisdiction, and her business took off once again. The only problem; “clients” now needed a way of reaching her new location. Unmanned horses were trained to find their way to the brothel and back on their own. Rosie's customers just hopped aboard the buggy and grabbed the reins; the horses did the rest.

Our name is both a tribute to Rosie's tenacity/ingenuity and to the colourful history of the city & neighbourhood we call home!!!

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